General Rules

  1. Operate under the assumption that everyone's atleast 13, but anyone under 10 must be accomponied by an older person.
  2. Please have proper grammar.

Forum Rules

  1. Please have proper grammar.
  2. Don't post links in the forum.
  3. Please don't go over 500 posts. It makes that thread laggy, and just... ugh.
  4. Please don't swear.

Chat Rules

  1. No spamming in chat!
  2. Please don't swear.
  3. Think before you act.
  4. If you've made an alt, but then got banned some time afterwards, Don't use said alt.
  5. If you have a long link you wanna share, please use TinyURL or

Character Rules

  1. Crossover characters are allowed, but you can only have two Crossover characters.
  3. No Canon characters from other games UNLESS you confirm it with me IN PM OR ON MY MESSAGE WALL.

Admin Rules

  1. I don't enforce COPPA, so don't ban someone if they're under aged.
  2. Unless you can think of an assault on this wiki and this wiki ALONE, No Kick-Banning.
  3. Joke kicks are allowed, but NOT Joke bans.

Follow these rules, and Welcome to the family!